My Start of Keto

After doing research and listening to joe rogans podcast(#994- Dom D’agostino) I decided to keto.

Keto is not for everyone and this is my recommendation to those who are thinking to try….

Do as much research as you can, listen to joe rogans podcast, keto is not something you can “yo-yo”, and as always when following meal plans you have to follow it through, trust the process and understand nothing happens over night! Make sure you weigh your food, buy some sort of keto test to know if youre in ketosis or not!!!! DON’T BE LAZY

My reason for keto

As some may know reading this already, I work a ton, ton, ton of hours, love doing cardio and have some sort of combative training going on….

I often find my self being groggy, not having the “mental clarity” I could always have, I simply don't feel on my game and reduce body fat.

I decided to keto for mental clarity, to optimize my performance and be a better version of myself at work/home.

In episode 994, Dom talks heavy about how ketones provide a significant mental clarity. He always talks about how most people who “Keto” are not actually doing a TRUE Keto diet and essentially are in a low carb state. Also talks about how fasting is a sped up way to get into ketosis.

True Keto is Medium to Low protein (18-20%) HIGH fat (78-80%)carbs coming from greens (2%)

It Begins

To jump into keto I did fasted HIIT, followed by a 30 hour fast, only water and minerals consumed. My first meal was avocado and grilled chicken.

Everyday following except one I did fasted cardio steady on the stair master for 30 minutes.

Knowing it was Fourth of July week, work was going to be quiet and barbeques were every other day. I didn't restrict my self to following something so strict but I held my self to rules obviously.

-No fruit

-Lots of water

-fast the first 10-12 hours minimum of each day since I knew I would eat hamburgers (with no bun obviously) and brots.

Now, remember Weight loss is not my main goal… Do I have weight to lose, yes! But that's not my goal, mental clarity and reducing body fat is my goal. If the weight comes off… I am A-Ok with that…

My plan is to do fasted cardio 5 days a week ( I enjoy cardio like I said before), weight lift 5 days a week, and to have my combative training as many days as I can.

I highly recommend to have someone else that knows their shit to plan your keto for you.

Dom Kuza wrote my plan for me….

I am being 100% transparent and want my blog to detail everything, I would not recommend doing what I do, everyone is different!

Meal 1 (20p,30f)

4 Whole Eggs + 70g Veggies + 10g Coconut Oil


Meal (23p,52f)

80g 90/10 Turkey + 230g Avocado + 50g Greens


Meal 3 (23p, 52f)

80g 90/10 Beef + 2tbsp Macadmia Nut Oil + 100g Avocado + 70g greens

Meal 4 Preworkout (25p, 28f)

25g protein isolate + 2tbsp MCT Oil

Post Shake (25p,14f)

25g Protein Isolate + 1 ounce Keto Butter

Meal 5 Post Workout (23p, 42f)

80g Chicken Breast  + 1tbsp Macadmia Nut Oil + 100g Avocado +  80g Greens

Calories 2518; 139p,218f

I cant stress enough my goal for keto was not to lose weight!!! But I am happy about the loss. I have followed the plan to the T except for one Friday I cheated with a few drinks and a burger…. I checked my Ketosis the following two days. By the 2<sup>nd</sup> day I was back into keto.

But on Sunday I did fasted cardio on my airdyne bike.

I love doing cardio for the purpose of challenging my endurance and the feeling of sweat! My week consists of 4-5 days of cardio, 4-5 days of jiu jitsu and 2-3 days of either weight training or a full body workout that consists of all body weight movements.

Everything is about consistency no matter what plan you’re following, trust the process and keep pushing along.

For the next few weeks I will be hitting the weights much harder, post cardio instead of fasted but keeping the diet the same. When I hit three months on keto I will post all my progress pics!

Before & After

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