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George J. Shaouni

Mobility Specialist

Recovery Specialist



Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist,

We will understand connections between exercise science and the recovery process. We will also learn the factors affecting individual responses to muscle recovery techniques. While once only seen in physical therapy applications, I can now use this information related to sleep, soreness, stress, massage, nutrition, and even DNA.

As an Exercise Recovery Specialist, I can help you reach fitness goals with a personalized program for your time during their workout and beyond.

Being a Certified DNA-Based Fitness Coach equips me with the knowledge to administer DNA testing and evaluate over 30 genetic identifiers related to how an individual responds to different types of exercise, nutrition, and motivation techniques. With this information, I can provide unique and personalized programs a get more results!

DNA-Based Fitness Programs , You’ll Learn your bodies

  • Client Body Response To Food, Exercise, And Weight Training

  • Fat Loss Response To Cardio

  • How To Apply DNA Results For Weight Loss And Athletic programming 

Once Kit is mailed to the lab-results will be available in 3-5 weeks

Sample Dna Results Are Available Upon Request

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